6 Kids’ Movie Fan Theories That’ll Blow Your Adult Mind

6 Kids’ Movie Fan Theories That’ll Blow Your Adult Mind

Fans spending time to generate theories by what really required devote a film or Television show appears such as the most pointless activity, even when they’d literally little else happening within their lives. But we have always loved them for 2 reasons: A) It essentially results in a brand-new story should you revisit it using the theory in your mind, and B) the idea may also be much more clever than the initial authors created.

So let us once more indulge the fans’ craziness and think about the chance that …

#6. Jessie From Toy Story Was Owned (And Abandoned) By Andy’s Mother

Toy Story is definitely an entire film franchise dedicated to causing us to be feel retroactively guilty concerning the toys we have lost/distributedOrdissolved with blowtorches through the years. Toy Story 2, for example, features the sad story of Jessie, a contented-go-lucky cowgirl toy abandoned by her once-loyal owner, a woman named Emily, whom she never saw again … or did she? This viral fan theory attempted to prove that Emily increased as much as be the one and only Andy’s mother.

Who’s divorced, responsible for the Holocaust, and secretly an alien (creating any future article).

Why It Isn’t That Crazy:

Take a look at Andy’s cowboy hat above, also known as one possible reason he’s so sad within the image, because it looks nothing beats his favorite toy’s hat. Now take a look at Jessie’s hat:

And check out the hat on Emily’s childhood bed (within the ’60s or ’70s):

Don’t take a look at her boot lamp, though. We are calling dibs.

It is the same freaking hat — passed to Andy from his mother, who apparently misplaced the white-colored lace in the centre sooner or later, possibly after not having enough TP within the bathroom once (you may still begin to see the faint imprint where previously go, though). While we are in internet marketing, take a look at Andy’s mother and Emily side-by-side:

If they are different person, Pixar’s getting pretty lazy at character design.

True, Jessie and Andy’s mother don’t recognize one another, but it is been a lengthy time. There is no reason Andy’s mother would realize Jessie was her identical childhood toy, and there isn’t any guarantee Jessie would recognize Emily being an adult. She’s accustomed to living existence being an immortal, constant plastic being, so the concept that her old friend could morph into a level bigger giant with more and more decaying flesh on her behalf face must appear pretty bizarre. Finally, since you may have suspected from the truth that we keep calling her “Andy’s mother,” the character’s name isn’t pointed out within the movies, therefore it could be easily Emily.

Sure, the creators themselves have seemingly shot this theory down, however this is Pixar we are speaking about — they might just be laying to try and maximize the quantity of emotional damage they’ll do in order to us using the next movie.

#5. There Aren’t Any Parents In Pokemon Because It Occurs Following A War

The Pokemon franchise is rather creepy as-is, because it concentrates on taking cute, lovable creatures and getting them beat one another until they distribute, sometimes before large crowds. It’s essentially dog-fighting, if dogs could shoot lightning bolts. If this persistent theory will be believed, though, the initial games are more fucked up than we thought: They occur following a horrible war that wiped out virtually the whole adult male population in the area, departing the children tragically free to take harmful journeys.

Yep, this is exactly why your character’s father is not around. Not because you are a frustrating turd.

Why It Isn’t That Crazy:

It’s not only the suspicious insufficient adults that aren’t super old and therefore unfit to hold a rifle — it’s that individuals you find hanging around are generally in organized crime (an industry of society that’s kinda hard to draft) or even the military. Like Lt. Surge, who at some point states:

“I am talking about, it might get pretty cold and lonely available within the trenches every evening …”

Thinking about that Pokemon happens inside a imaginary world, it’s obvious he isn’t talking about a war from your history. Actually, his specific reference to using Pokemon in war — most likely as tools of war — type of adds another creepy aspect to those youthful children training to battle one another with Pokemon. Could they be practicing another war? May be the war still happening? Are we been playing child soldier training simulators many years?

Some fans go to date regarding analyze the sociopolitical situation proven within the games to look for the reason behind world war 2: Your region, Kanto, should have attempted to annex the neighboring one, Johto. In the end, what sort of country is out of their way as well as a war that simply ended? The type that attempted to behave awful and lost.

Oh, hello there.

#4. Harry Potter’s Friend Ron Can Predict The Long Run With Eerie Precision

Because the most useless figures in fiction have military of devoted fans nowadays, this long-standing theory posits that Harry Potter’s ass-clown friend Ron Weasley has fantastic future-predicting forces. Technically, the idea states Harry has got the forces too, but we are more amazed at the Ron part. Because, well, see this little shit:

It’s nice that J.K. Rowling added someone the crayon-eating kids at school can connect with.

Why It Isn’t That Crazy:

Unlike most Harry Potter fan theories (“Harry eventually involves our dimension and becomes my hubby!Inch), that one is really within the books. In Harry Potter And Also The Cup Of Fireside, Harry and Ron take an elective class about divination (seeing the long run), that is essentially the zodiac from the wizard world: Everybody treats it as being a tale, and also the lady who teaches it almost certainly will get flaming turds on her behalf doorstep regularly. So, to be able to pass the category, the bored Harry and Ron simply make up some random predictions around the place … all of which happen to come true.

For example, Ron properly predicts that he’ll almost drown which Harry is going to be stabbed within the back by someone he thought would be a friend (Harry is betrayed by Doctor Who, pretending to be another person). It’s pretty obvious that Rowling just did this like a fun little bit of foreshadowing, there is however far more: Within the second book, Chamber Of Secrets, Ron dismissively informs his worried mother, “D’you honestly think [Voldemort]Will be hiding behind a bookshelf in Flourish and Blotts?” Well, yeah. A part of Voldemort’s soul is actually hidden inside a diary that’s provided to Ron’s sister in that very same book shop.

“Wow, his evil influence made you are writing ‘my brother’s a shithead’ all around the diary.”
“This really is my math notebook.”

And in Chamber Of Secrets, Ron and Harry encounter an award focused on students known as Tom Riddle. Ron jokingly suggests that perhaps Tom murdered the lady whose ghost haunts the school’s bathrooms — that is exactly what went down. Later, in Prisoner Of Azkaban, Ron interprets some leaves to become prophesizing that Harry might join the Ministry of Magic and will get a sudden influx of gold. These two become a reality. So Ron is either clairvoyant or perhaps is the all-effective God from the Harry Potter world and all sorts of reality bends to his will.

#3. You Will Find Really Four Triforce (Tetraforce?) Pieces In The Legend Of Zelda

Most Legend Of Zelda games center around the legendary Triforce, three incredibly effective golden triangles the occupants of Hyrule Kingdom in some way keep misplacing again and again. Well, the popular Tetraforce theory claims the Hyruleans are more scatterbrained than we thought, since there are really four Triforce pieces — it is simply that no a person’s found the 4th one yet. This started with the fact that there are an additional yellow triangular on Link’s shield in Ocarina Of Your Time. Then fans just required it after that.

Wait, his ears are triangles too. Three extra pieces = Half-Existence 3 confirmed.

Supposedly, that empty space in the heart of the Triforce is how the 4th piece would go. In the end, it isn’t like “Triforce” includes a word which means “three” inside it or anyth- oh.

Why It Isn’t That Crazy:

Really, the “tri-” in “Triforce” describes their triangular shape, not the truth that you will find three. We all know this because the original Zelda game had only two pieces. It had not been until Zelda II they stated, “Yeah, sure, there is a third one also.” The manual even appears to say a mysterious “Triforce for the future,Inch though something informs us that may have been a mistranslation.

Zelda II: probably the most self-aware shitty game ever.

Consider, too, these games possess a weird fixation using the # 4: You will find four Light Spirits in Twilight Princess, four elements in The Minish Cap, four freaky-ass giants in Majora’s Mask, four swords in … Four Swords, etc. Four Triforces is not that far-fetched.

Now, based on Hyrule’s creation myth, the Triforce pieces were produced through the three Golden Goddesses: Farore produced the Triforce of Courage, Nayru produced the Triforce of Knowledge, and Noise produced the Triforce of Power — you realize all of this already, obviously. However, in Majora’s Mask, Princess Zelda mentions a Goddess of Time. Could she be considered a 4th Triforce-creating deity who got excluded from the religious texts because her symbol would be a limp dick or something like that?

“You might suffer some minor discomfort, though. Nothing terribly hard.”

Other advocates of the Tetraforce theory claim the 4th goddess (and creator from the 4th Triforce piece) is Zelda herself. This is not sensible before you keep in mind that 1) Zelda is a reincarnated goddess, based on Skyward Sword, and a pair of) in Wind Waker she passed the name … Tetra.

Pointless to state, Nintendo ensured there have been never any extra triangles on Link’s shield following this game, because holy shit, people.

#2. Samurai Jack Is Placed Within The Same City As Powerpuff Women … Following The Apocalypse

Much more impressive than Professor Utonium’s samurai abilities
is always that he switched his eyes around 180 levels.

… which conclusively proves that, yes, Powerpuff Women and Samurai Jack aired on a single network and shared animators. Good job, Internet. But …

Why It Isn’t That Crazy:

In the creepiest episode of the series, we really do discover what the next in which the Powerpuff Women unsuccessful would seem like, and the reply is: a great deal like the field of Samurai Jack. Not just that, however the villain who rules that future, Him, is basically a more fabulously dressed version of Aku, Jack’s shape-shifting, world-conquering enemy.

That, or Him may be the brother who does not get asked to Thanksgiving.

Also, despite as being a publish-apocalyptic world and all sorts of, this continues to be more suitable to another possible future for that Powerpuff Women: turning into anime characters. Most importantly both Powerpuff Women‘ and Samurai Jack‘s creators have unequivocally said this theory is full of shit, but that is never stopped fans before. Fan on, you crazy diamonds. And, on the similar note …

#1. Aladdin Happens Within The Distant Future (Therefore, The Genie’s Popular Culture References)

Everybody loves a dark, gritty advanced movie, like Blade Runner, Total Recall, Disney’s Aladdin … wait, what? Yep, based on this easily meme-able theory, Aladdin happens not in, you realize, some previous century we can not name without checking Wikipedia since the American education system unsuccessful us, however in the distant future. Sooner or later, society collapsed and today everybody lives like insane individuals the desert. Aladdin was Mad Max: Rage Road before Mad Max: Rage Road was Mad Max: Rage Road, essentially.

“Witness me!”

Why It Isn’t That Crazy:

Everything relies upon the truth that, in one scene, the Genie informs Aladdin his clothing is “way too third century” … but when he’s been trapped inside a lamp for 10,000 years, so how exactly does he understand what the 3rd century appeared as if? What this means is the film must occur in a minimum of the entire year 10,200 — or later than that, since he keeps making references to early 1990’s pop culture.

The only real way all space and time when Arsenio Hall was relevant.

The Genie is essentially a serious form of an old coma patient who keeps asking in which the beef is. The planet around him is strange and unfamiliar, and he’s dealing with it by latching to the lengthy-dead society he remembers. Also, this theory states Jafar’s parrot talks like Gilbert Gottfried due to centuries of genetic experimentation, which, hahaha, sure.

Apparently, even those who made the Aladdin game titles were on board with this theory. The Sega Genesis version features a modern-day stop sign hidden inside a sand dune, as the Super Nintendo one eerily features what appears like an atom explosive device:

Plus, hover-apple technology wasn’t invented before the year 2157

Should you still think this theory is simply too crazy to be real, think about it that the last Aladdin fan theory we talked about was lately confirmed by the movie’s director. Never doubt Cracked again.

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