12 Cute Zodiac Tattoos That Won’t Look Like A Drunken Mistake

12 Cute Zodiac Tattoos That Won’t Look Like A Drunken Mistake

Ive wanted to obtain a zodiac tattoo for some time now, but each time I enter a tattoo parlor, I’ve found books upon books of the identical old shit.

You will find books just full of slight variations around the general symbols or glyphs from the astrology signs. Many are in plain black, others having a flower peeping from behind, but mostly they are very fundamental.

Even worse, these fundamental tattoosalways finish up searching like the result ofa drunken night out.

However the proprietors and artists from the following zodiac tattoos prove if you would like an authentic tattoo for the sign, you need to think outdoors the symbols that are delivered for you, seek information, and implement what you understand the twelve signs characteristics too.


The rams mind on @lisa.hates.yous left leg is really gorgeous, it really steals the spotlight from a lovely bunny within this photo. Love the straightforward lines and also the bold placement, too.


This Taurus tattoo takes the twelve signs indication of a bull and turns it right into a warrior lady having a penetrating focus. The colours are vibrant, but soft- no Taurus would accept any colors which were too glaring.

This tattoo perfectly combines Taurus strength using the soft great thing about the twelve signs ruling planet, Venus.


Gemini isordinarily markedby a glyph that appears such as the roman numeral II. SNOOZEVILLE. However this tattoo artist hasinstead centered on the twelve signs indication of the twins, as well as on its double-sided (OK, two-faced) characteristics to create this gorgeous piece.

Things I love would be that the twins are became a member of together bya flower that appears just like a third eye, just like a indication to Geminis to balance their conflicting desires by calling their greater self.


That one takes the indication of the manifestation of Cancer, the crab, and uses us dot work to produce a stunningly shaded image having a beautiful mandala-like design around the covering. I am not a Cancer, but could I recieve this please? I am talking about, GORGEOUS.


A effective tattoo for any effective sign. This Lion tattoo, using its flowing mane is the best representation from the pride, power, and charisma of the very most loyal register the zodiac.


This artist uses a mix of the constellation of Virgo and also the signs indication of the virgin. A naked lady sits kneeling humbly, attached to the stars at her hip.

Stylistically, its very virgo-like too. Simple, to-the-point, and detailed.


Libras are symbolized through the scales and ruled through the planet Venus, which governs beauty, love, and creativeness.

Not gonna lie, its most likely the Venusian influence that gave this person such taste in tattoo artists.


Scorpios possess a deep appreciation for quality handwork, so that as people, they’re always trying to find this is underneath someones words, image, or actions.

This tattoo reflects that penetrating scorpio curiosity, using the indication of a scorpion dotted within an outline round the constellation from the sign itself.


The manifestation of the archer is definitely searching for brand new directions to suggest his arrow. I really like this tattoo is only the arrow, as though the dog owner are the bow. As well as it is not too overt, in the zodiac meaning. I am talking about, I really like zodiac, however i dont think its necessary not to become transported away with a few huge permanent tattoo about this.


If your traditional sign like Capricorn will have an edgy-ass tattoo, theyre gonna a minimum of make certain it appears as though they spent real cash onto it. This tat is baller AF.


Should you give an Aquarius sufficient time, they’ll overthink just about any decision, and investing in one factor is simply too terrifying for any sign such as this, who’s always shifting andchanging.

For this reason its better to stick to something small, because this Aquarius did. While using glyph for Aquarius and selecting a distinctive, surprising placement is the best representation of the sign, since they’re filled with cute surprises, such as this shoulder tattoo.


Pisces may be the last manifestation of the zodiac, symbolizing the finish of winter into spring and the entire process of dying and rebirth. The indication of Pisces is 2 fish swimming in opposite directions, toward the sunshine and dark, existence and dying, yin and yang. This beautiful much nails it.

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